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Holiday home de Dars is graded by the Tourist Office VVV with **** stars

On holiday in "the Head of North-Holland"

buiten-zomer06Want a holiday by the sea and beach?

If you were to look at the map of The Netherlands you can sea the outlines of a head on the left part of the country. We, the Dutch, refer to that as The Head of North-Holland. It is known for many kilometers of beautiful sand beaches, perfect for a refreshing walk in the morning and afternoon or off course for a romantic stroll in the evening while watching the sunset. Besides this beautiful gift from Mother Nature 'The Head of North-Holland' is also known for it's gorgeous flowerfields.This part of the country has plenty to offer  for all ages; bicycle rides through the fields, see seals on the Wadden Sea, canoeing through the polders, exploring on the  island Texel and so much more.






Holiday Villa De Dars,
is located just outside the village 't Zand in the middle of the typical Dutch country side, wide views, flower and cabbage fields and windmills.  The Holiday Villa is located approximately 6 km from a long sand beach. The Holiday Villa has plenty of space to accommodate 10 people and is part of an 125 year old authentic Northern Dutch farmhouse. The Holiday Villa is equipped with all modern conveniences, is cozy and has a large outdoor space. 






A stay at holiday villa The Dars,
has all the ingredients for a great holiday, a house with character, beautiful nature a long sandy beach, but also various folk cities like Alkmaar Schagen and further away Medemblik, Hoorn and Enkhuizen. Of course there are several museums, cinemas and shopping malls in the area. For children there are, apart from the beach, various options, such as zoos, game parks and swimming pools.

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