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't Zand Community Schagen


For 1550, the Zijpe a Wadden Sea area. a narrow
dunes on the west side, with Caps and Callantsoog
as coastal villages. In between channels in connection with the North Sea. Especially in north-westerly storms formed The sea is a serious threat to Western Friesland. This Although area was from 1250 after the West Frisian Omringdijk, but the dike was rather weak. Regular there   were breakthroughs, which are still very visible. In the  vicinity of the dike, dozens Supposedly "Wheels" show.

 In 1597, the final Zijpe diked and created the Zijpe Polder.


Today, this is a major tourist and Zijpe
agricultural town. On west side is the flower bulb industry
a major source of income, while the east side of the
livestock is to be found. Although especially in the last
decade bulb cultivation increasingly advancing eastward.




The villages Oudesluis, Schagerbrug, and St. Maartensbrug
Burgerbrug are at the rustic Big Ditch. This canal,
From 1597 the Zijpe artery, runs north to
south through the more than 400 years old Zijpe Polder.
The Big Ditch
for the construction of the North Holland
Canal (1824)
important for drainage and transportation.


Oudesluis was an old building plasters for VOC ships through
Marsdiep chose to sea. It was also home to
a fleet specializing anchovies and herring.
In summer, the Big Ditch part of an art route.




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